The Amazing Benefits of Earthing

What is Earthing?

Earthing is the process of connecting with the earth’s electrical field and its natural frequency. It can be as simple as keeping your skin in contact with earth, sand, grass etc. for as little as 15 minutes per day, but up to 45 or more, minutes a day.  In making that direct connection, our bodies receive a charge of energy.

Why is Earthing essential in today’s world?


Dangerous frequencies

Unfortunately, in today’s world Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) are blanketing our living and work spaces.  It is said that living in the absence of the earth’s electric field, or the Schumann resonance, illness will result.  Earthing is just one fundamental practice that can increase one’s health and vitality by plugging back into the earth.

Can you Earth indoors?

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to practice Earthing including indoor methods.   There are three principal ways to earth indoors.

Among the most beneficial is sleeping on Earthing sheets.  They are essentially normal bed sheets that plug into a ground and transmit energy through metallic fibers woven into the material.  When you sleep with your skin in contact with the sheets the earth’s energy is conducted to you.  This process delivers highly rejuvenating and restful sleep and significantly extends your daily exposure to the earth’s healing electric field.

In addition, Earthing mats are available while working at a computer in the home or office.  Through contact with your hands and or feet to the mat, the earth’s beneficial current will reach your body.

What are some benefits of Earthing?

  • Improvement of many inflammation-related disorders.
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic pain.
  • Increased energy.
  • Better sleep and faster to sleep.
  • Lowered stress, more calmness by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones.
  • Normalization of the body’s biological rhythms.
  • Thinner blood improved blood pressure and flow.
  • Muscle tension and headache relief.
  • Lessened hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  • Dramatically faster healing.
  • Accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity.

Product FAQ

Do the bed sheets and mats work?

Yes. They have been proven and tested to deliver the earth’s current through the conductive material of the products.

What are some of the key benefits of Earthing products?

First, they extend the amount of time you can spend connected. Second,  they provide a greater sense of peace, harmony, and deeper more restful sleep. Other key benefits are increased energy, better health and better overall satisfaction with your life.

Will any regular outlet work?

The outlet must be tested for a live ground.  Some older homes may not have them but for the most part, all modern homes will.

Is Earthing Doctor approved?

Yes, there is a number of well know doctors who promote the practice to improve one’s overall health.  To find one such doctor << CLICK HERE>>.

Where can you buy products?

Click <<HERE>> for the latest lineup of quality products.

What if I have other questions?

You can contact me with any questions <<CLICK HERE>>

I love Earthing

I love Earthing